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289241-001 - HP 36.4-GB U320 SCSI HP 15K                                                                                                                                        -


 11-2369-2172 | 4063-4400



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289241-001 - HP 36.4-GB U320 SCSI HP 15K                                                                                                                                       

Part. Number: 289241-001


289241-001 - HP 36.4-GB U320 SCSI HP 15K                                                                                                                                       

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Category Proliant HardDrive
Sub-Category 15K
Generation Ultra320
Part Number 289241-001-5Pack
Products ID 142820
Capacity 36.4GB
Height 1.0 inch/2.54cm
Width 4.0 inch/10.16cm
Interface Ultra320 SCSI
Data Transfer Rate 320MB/s
Single Track Seek Time 0.55ms
Average Seek Time 4.9ms
Full Stroke Seek Time 10.0ms
Rotational Speed 15000RPM
Bytes/Sector 512
Manufacturer HP/Compaq
Application Server Storage
Server Type HP/Compaq Proliant
Backward Compatability U2 and U3 speeds
Pre-Failure Warranty Yes
Data Storage Device Type SAS (Server Attached Storage)
Hard Drive Device Type Hard Drive for server/storage unit (HP)
Manufacturer HP/Compaq


Disponibilidade: Imediata.

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